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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ogawa Smart Sento Review - Part 2

Even though we were blown away with the offers given, i personally was a bit reluctant to grab it..

Reason mainly --

1) NO trusted customer reviews yet in the Net...

2) Dontknow whats the durability issues longterm. ESPECIALLY the known peeling of the 'leather' surfaces of the chair...
...not to mention doubtful (?bad) aftersales services which was discussed inthe forums.

3) Definitely not as nice looking as the Osim or Gintell ones.. looks bulky a bit

But given the fact that my wife Really loves this ive decided to give it a go and buy it -- as her bday present as well.

It came with 3 parts, making it easier to get thru our main house door. The installation only takes around 10-15 mins.

u really need to have space to put this chair bcause on recline the length is 1.9metres... width is about 84cm. Lucky weve already measured our space before buying it.

2colors are and dark brown. We chose the latter as itll mask pen marks more effectively.

Above -- the Zero G position.

It Features heated airbags which are cozy.

There are multiple massage modes as well, included are the Chinese Japanese and Thai massage modes. 
The intensity can also be changed for elderly, adult and young age groups.

Below :  it uses 300W of electricity...with an on and off switch at the back.

The controller looks typical of any new Ogawa chair (i think so)

basically you can control most of the things including the intensity and strength of the massage/airbags.

Timer is either 5/10/15/20 & 30 mins

The 4 different positions... including the upside down

3 different massage modes , Thai including body stretching/Chinese/Japanese

And also 3diferent preset massage mode ie. Morning /midday / night before sleeping

What i love Best is the ability of this chair to concentrate on the diferent body areas namely shoulder /waist/full body and legs/thighs- airbags

During the first day 1used it for nearly 2hrs in total ...until my body aches! 
...not to mention dozed off twice during the massage.... which is excellent.

Personally i think our current purchase is Worth it, as this chair is enjoyed by the whole family, including my kids.... But if youre going for a massage chair you DEFINITELY NEED TO TEST IT the budget lah haha

Bcoz your preference is definitely different than ours..

Preferably test it head to head for comparison... another brand that we didnt test before making our decision was Gintell which i think more or less is equally good... 

however again the high end and more function ones will definitely costs more.
Your Money Your Choice.

Will update you all again if theres any problems/ etc with the massage chair.

Ogawa Smart Sento Review - PART 1

Im not the type of person who liked to go for massage parlour....

And not even the RM1/ 3minutes paid massage has also attracted my attention before.

Everything started when i was asked to become a daily 'massager' for my wife..
she kept on complaining about having regular aches and pains...

Bored with that i started to find alternatives for her.... err actually for ME to skip the daily massage hehe.

So we started on a massage chair hunt a few weeks back.

The WORST part is Not much of commercials either in TV or internet for this group of house 'appliances'....
Not even a website review/ discussion about it, so im relying more on Singapore-based forums...which are also not many.

(Or izzit considered as a luxurious item?)

I guess may be bcoz of the price of it
( the price range is about as low as RM5k for a basic unit, up to RM 17k for high end ones! )

So we started first with Osim.... really high end ones. (uinfinity and udivineX) The price started around RM13k up to RM16k - was told by the salesgirl that the price already slashed down for CNY , used to be around 15k to 18k previously. With free gifts ?iGallop.

The good thing about Osim is I REALLY like the shape of it -- very compact  and space saving, futuristic-like, self entering leg compartment, and with lots of colors to choose from... but the price is really out of our budget...

Was asked to take the osim small sofa... but the massaging function would only fit those who loved massage.... hard to the back (other people might love it, as my back is not that accustomed to heavy massage before)

Spent nearly 45mins in Osim to test the chairs before deciding its not for us  -mainly bcoz of the budget and intensity of the massage...

Immediately after that we went to an Ogawa shop... was told that theres a new chair  The Smart Sento, which was launched merely 2weeks back... i think it replaces the ogawa smart sense... the smart deLight is still on sale but a bit bulky compared to this one.

Sento starting price was RM19999, but after discount RM10500.

we were quite lucky to get the early bird introductory price of RM9k + , AND another 1month installment free paid by Maybank. , With an extra 1+1 year of warranty.
We were also given a free Ogawa Estilo Lite and Aura Mate ionizer...which i rarely use.

And was really attracted to the offer..and the massage wasnt too strong for the back - just nice for us.

To be continued..

writing back

Starting to have the feel to write back now....

After nearly 4yrs of not blogging.

Again justto share my daily adventures


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My new blog....

Ni blog baru saya ...

bukan pasal my life, but pasal MAKANNN !!

hehe, jeles gak dgn my sis's blog yg happening skrg ni....